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We decide to open Member Discount since Jan.1,2016, so tell us what you think about it to let us do better service.

If you buy over $100 in the past 12 months in our shop, then you can be our VIP Members. Members can enjoy member discount when check out. Here are our Members and Discount:

Member Level                 Discount


S1($100-$500/year)        3% Off

S2($500-$3000/year)      5% Off

S3(over $3000/year)        10% Off


Besides that, we will have special gifts for Elmont Club Members from time to time.


1.The special discount prodcut like member deals don't enjoy member discount.

2.The Member level will change on 1st every month.

3.It will offically started on Jan.1, 2016.

4.More powerful rights in our shop, coming soon...



So please feel free to leave us a suggestion, we will do our best to progress and provide better service and products. If we take your suggestions, we will set you as S1 Members directly and send you a free jersey!

You can suggest us the names if you think S1,S2,S3 is not cool... Or you can suggest about the member right, like free fedex shipping or whatever you thouhgt!



Leave us a suggestion and win jerseys!

Those who shopped at elmontyouthsoccer say:

  • eric**** [2017-03-25 10:09:38]
    Great website
  • gall**** [2017-03-25 05:39:00]
    I mistakenly added a $9.99 jersey thinking it was going to be the free one. Would it be possible to cancel that jersey and get a credit towards another order?
  • iima**** [2017-03-24 13:56:04]
    Nice web site. I'm really excited about these jerseys I just bought. I can't wait for them to arrive. Thank you.
  • alan**** [2017-03-24 10:57:54]
    I am pleased with the prices of the shirts & I am telling a few mates about your web site & deals !
  • ejlb**** [2017-03-24 08:02:38]
    Amazing quality and fast delivery, love these guys!!
  • joao**** [2017-03-24 02:33:43]
    Great Site, Great Shirts! I will never buy any soccer jersey in a physical store! Recommended to my friends and they are already using it! Keep on going!
  • clau**** [2017-03-23 16:29:22]
    Elmont Soccer is my place to go for any jerseys now and the future. Great quality. Great service. Great selection. I keep ordering all year around, try it and you will want to do that. It should be the favorite for any soccer fan.
  • hadi**** [2017-03-22 21:10:45]
    Great Jersey!!
  • mike**** [2017-03-22 16:22:59]
    Good quality.
  • osca**** [2017-03-22 13:53:04]
    Perfect site! Great quality and fast shipping!
  • pete**** [2017-03-22 02:34:43]
    Aways been a fan of football, easy website to use with great deals and affordable prices, and high quality product. satisfied customer.
  • adri**** [2017-03-21 14:05:58]
    sper sa fie bine?
  • andr**** [2017-03-20 19:33:35]
    Great site. Easy to use. Prices are spectacular. Jerseys are wonderful quality.
  • Spob**** [2017-03-20 16:58:48]
    Have a good day
  • evid**** [2017-03-20 15:05:20]
    Website was easy to use and accessible. I enjoy the selection and the variety.
  • scar**** [2017-03-20 11:02:41]
    Bought a couple Jerseys, They are Awesome
  • mali**** [2017-03-19 15:51:29]
    very good quality and a very good website
  • that**** [2017-03-19 04:56:50]
    Quality and customer service is great!
  • chil**** [2017-03-19 03:53:39]
    I love Elmonth jerseys and service. Never looked back since I found them :)
  • juli**** [2017-03-19 02:30:23]
    Bought 2 jerseys so far, just ordered 2 more. They come in great condition I will buy more in the future.
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