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We decide to open Member Discount since Jan.1,2016, so tell us what you think about it to let us do better service.

If you buy over $100 in the past 12 months in our shop, then you can be our VIP Members. Members can enjoy member discount when check out. Here are our Members and Discount:

Member Level                 Discount


S1($100-$500/year)        3% Off

S2($500-$3000/year)      5% Off

S3(over $3000/year)        10% Off


Besides that, we will have special gifts for Elmont Club Members from time to time.


1.The special discount prodcut like member deals don't enjoy member discount.

2.The Member level will change on 1st every month.

3.It will offically started on Jan.1, 2016.

4.More powerful rights in our shop, coming soon...



So please feel free to leave us a suggestion, we will do our best to progress and provide better service and products. If we take your suggestions, we will set you as S1 Members directly and send you a free jersey!

You can suggest us the names if you think S1,S2,S3 is not cool... Or you can suggest about the member right, like free fedex shipping or whatever you thouhgt!



Leave us a suggestion and win jerseys!

Those who shopped at elmontyouthsoccer say:

  • ther**** [2017-04-26 19:33:13]
    the jerseys seem to be very good
  • aqil**** [2017-04-26 11:03:40]
    Please add youth shirts and jerseys which are not part of kits.
  • ayou**** [2017-04-26 07:20:46]
    i love it
  • mang**** [2017-04-26 05:08:12]
    Brilliant site for jerseys.
  • pedr**** [2017-04-26 04:28:12]
    Everytime i shop here i get 100% satisfied better than all the other online shops
  • clau**** [2017-04-25 13:59:46]
    great site, great prices, i hope the jersey comes in great condition.
  • ktol**** [2017-04-25 13:40:02]
    hopefully its a good quality jersey because if so i will be ordering plenty more and different kinds. thanks
  • smba**** [2017-04-25 12:43:36]
    Great site and huge fan of it. Please donate some coupon cash so i can afford more jerseys. I also have been telling my friends of this great site. Thanks
  • mcoe**** [2017-04-25 10:23:04]
    Elmontyouth Soccer provides us with good quality shirts for the best price! Great price deals and nice costumer service!
  • mrgt**** [2017-04-25 09:35:09]
    This is a great site, I have searched everywhere for a Brugge shirt and glad I have found one here
  • suda**** [2017-04-25 02:51:47]
    It was an easy process
  • asge**** [2017-04-24 12:32:14]
    a lot of cool jerseys
  • fran**** [2017-04-24 07:34:52]
    Excellent material and design. Love it so much my first jersey that I am ordering it again for my husband and myself, this time with our names and numbers on it. I hope it arrive early as we are going away soon. Thank you!
  • talk**** [2017-04-24 06:24:22]
    A friend introduced me to, he had ordered some jerseys and i was surprisingly impressed with the quality and genuity given the relatively cheap prices. Then I got the most surprise ,I qualified for free shipping to SWEDEN. How about that!
  • figu**** [2017-04-22 17:56:45]
    Great place to get a lot cheap and quality jerseys for Sunday Leagues... recommend it very highly
  • linc**** [2017-04-22 12:49:34]
    online purchase was easier.. first purchase through elmont...will have to wait and see the quality and credibility of my first purchase to go for more...
  • rozl**** [2017-04-22 09:08:24]
    My first order here... Let's see what happens :)
  • mlou**** [2017-04-21 14:09:35]
    It will be cool if you show how many shirts are available in stock. Besides that, great site !
  • osca**** [2017-04-21 08:06:32]
    Very easy to maneuver around the site
  • aqua**** [2017-04-20 07:28:41]
    the wish list is a wicked idea,top stuff
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